The Garden Slug in Cuisine & Wine Asia – SEKRET PASTA RECIPE EXPOSED!

One sleepy afternoon, some weirdos with ski masks barged into the shop, put a gun to our heads and said, “GIVES US YOUR SHRIMP & PUMPKIN PASTA RECIPE OR WE’LL.. WE’LL TAKE COWBOY AND.. AND.. uh, WE’LL TOSS HIM IN LORONG M!!!!” And we were like “Nuuuuuuu… not Cowboy! Cowboy is Lorong L and Lorong L is Cowboy! They CANNOT be SEPARATEDDDDD! Pleeeeease! We’ll do anything, anything! Okay here’s the recipe. Take it. TAKE ITTTT! >_< ”

Okay that never really happened. No stray cats were harmed in the creation of the fictional account above. The mild-mannered folks at Cuisine & Wine Asia asked us very nicely. And we relented.

So. If you’ve always wanted to know how to make the Shrimp & Pumpkin Pasta at home, there’s a nice pullout section in the May-June 2012 edition of Cuisine & Wine Asia offering OUR MOST HIGHLY GUARDED SEKRET RECIPE, as well as how to make our Pear William, and a few other interesting recipes from other peoples.
The Garden Slug featured in Cuisine & Wine Asia, May-June 2012 issue

Eh, please try it at home leh! Then take photo and send to us at Tell us if your guests survived the ordeal! 😛 Joking, joking. Let us know how it went, we’d really love to know if it turned out well.

There’s also a little write-up on TGS, as well as many other restaurants and cafés with quirky names. Yah. That’s how we got their attention. We has a quirky name.
The Garden Slug featured in Cuisine & Wine Asia, May-June 2012 issue
This one is the artsy, illegible shot. For a more legible shot, go here.

We can has one lone copy on our bookshelf, there are a lot of interesting articles for the foodie. Interviews with chefs, how to cook things, how recipes come about etc.
Cover of Cuisine & Wine Asia, May-June 2012 issue

Alternatively, save on Le Dead Trees and subscribe online. The publication has apps for Apple, Android and other devices.. sibeh kool.