Fathers Day Specials

Dearest Dad,

You may or may not think of yourself as a conventional person, but I want to thank you for a most unconventional upbringing. But before any of that – thank you for being there. For always being there. For never having abandoned or neglected us in any way at all. I once read that the best gift a father can give his children is to love their mother. Thank you for loving Mum with all your heart. You couldn’t have set a better, healthier example to your offspring.

My memories of childhood are filled with your presence because you were the one who was always, ALWAYS there. You took us everywhere, to the playgrounds, to the riverbank, to go fishing, to nature parks, to dilapidated Malaysian zoos and you taught us everything we know. We caught fireflies in jars, we squealed at mudskippers, you taught us how to identify fruit trees by their leaves, you named every mammal, every reptile and every insect in both English and Latin.

Tall, good-looking, smart AND funny – I think you are the sort of father everyone wishes they had, which constantly reminds me how lucky I am to have you. While many Asian fathers are distant and conservative, you surprise me each and every time with your open-mindedness and most of all your warm, generous heart.

We’ve disappointed you a couple of times growing up, but ah well, you chose to have children, right? 😛

Fathers Day Specials
The last time you visited TGS you had the Christmas meat platter. If you were here for Fathers Day we’re quite sure you would want “something substantial” which is why we’ve created a substantial set meal with lots of meat, a pasta and a dessert platter.

The highlight for you would be the mixed grill. We have a choice of The Garden Slug Mixed Grill which feeds a family of 3-4, or The Ultimate Mixed Grill which easily feeds 5-6 hungry celebrants. I’m guessing you’d go for the latter even if there are only four of us at the table.

(photo © Jasper L)

The Aglio Olio con Funghi is a wine-based, almost “dry-fry” pasta to accompany the meats. There’s a bit of chilli in it and you can always ask for more.

The Sweet Sweet Slug is more for Mum’s separate stomach for desserts and fruits, although we’re quite sure everyone will enjoy a happy and sweet ending together.
Sweet Sweet Slug

Why offer a bucket of 5 Hoegaardens for a family of four? Because we know you’ll have two.

Often the things I want to say are never really said. Although, I think you and Mum both know you’ve done a really good job in bringing up very decent, well-adjusted children.

Thank you for everything Dad. You are THE best and I love you.