specials: hearty vegetable chowder, moroccan meatball stew, and apple cranberry streusel

this week’s specials, available from today, all day, and possibly all week or while fresh ingredients last

soup of the day: hearty vegetable chowder
A harmonious blend of carrot, tomato, zucchini, parsley and spring onion, with just a dash of cream for extra smoothness.
Hearty Vegetable Soup

special main: Moroccan meatball stew with toasted almond & raisin pilaf
Comes with a healthy side of pan-grilled vegetables. This is not spicy at all, but if you would like it to be spicy-er, as always – just ask!
Moroccan meatball stew with toasted almond & raisin pilaf

dessert special: re-introducing – the apple cranberry streusel
It may come in a slightly different shape than pictured, but the ingredients used are still the same. Expect healthy grains, dried cranberry and raisins, freshly stewed apples in cinnamon and seven other secret spices. All topped with a generous ball of vanilla gelato.
Apple Cranberry Streusel