Another Year, Another “A”

One of the best rewards we look forward to each year, is the annual hygiene and cleanliness grading letter (haha! We got two letters, geddit? A written letter and the letter “A”! *snort*) from the National Environment Agency.

More than anything, this is a validation of our Slugs’ hard work and diligence in upholding and adhering to our daily, weekly and monthly housekeeping duties.

However, the biggest thanks goes to you, our dear Slugphiles, who are generally very tidy and respectful customers. You make it easy for us to clean up after you, your children and your furkids. Most of you actually clean up after yourselves, and we’ve seen you teaching your offspring to do the same too. For that and so much more – thank you, thank you, thank you!

Here’s to a clean, kind and gracious Singapore 🙂

Another year, another A

Another year, another A