specials: Hungarian-styled mushroom soup, brined thyme-roasted pork, and red velvet pancakes

this week’s specials, available from today, all day, and possibly all week or while fresh ingredients last

soup of the day: Hungarian-styled mushroom soup.
Earthy and creamy with a hint of smoked paprika and fresh lemon. Just like them Hungarians. No that’s not true and you knew that. OK NEXT TOPIC!
hungarian-styled mushroom soup

special main: a hunky piece-a brined pork roasted in thyme.
Accompanied by a very well-meaning ginger-roasted pear and perry gravy, served over hand-mashed potatoes.

A perry is an alcoholic drink made from the fermented juice of pears. Why isn’t it just called “peary”, riiiight? Anyhoo. For this dish we use everyone’s favourite perry – Brothers Festival Pear Cider. KYAAAAA!

24-hour home-brined pork, stuffed with crushed garlic, rubbed with thyme, basted with pear cider, steam-baked for hours until tender.
hunk of thyme-roasted, brined pork

The brine we make is from root vegetables and soy broth infused with bay leaves, star anise, cloves, cinnamon, and peppercorns.
hunk of thyme-roasted, brined pork

dessert special: all-natural red velvet pancakes. With cream cheese, raspberry coulis and maple pecan crunch.

Is all natural because Le Ingrédients are all natural (also, we love repeating the words “all natural”.) To obtain that lovely ruby red, we use freshly puréed beetroot instead of bottled colouring.

Also. Le maple pecan crunch is da bomb. That’s an opinion coming from a squirrel who loves all forms of nuts. So don’t agree until you try it yourself. That is all, folks.
all-natural red velvet pancakes