specials: roasted pumpkin soup, Asian-inspired Puttanesca, Sweet Banana Fritters

this week’s specials, available from today, all day, and possibly all week or while fresh ingredients last

soup of the day: creamy roasted pumpkin with a touch of nutmeg

Creamy roasted pumpkin w/ a touch of nutmeg
We’re going somewhat Asian this week, starting with the touch of nutmeg. YES NUTMEG IS ASIAN THE DEBATE ENDS HERE.

special main: Asian-inspired Puttanesca with large, juicy prawns, white button mushrooms, shallots, olives and ‘chye po’

Asian-inspired Puttanesca
To make any Italian dish somewhat Asian, replace capers with chye po (preserved radish). So clever we are.

dessert special: Muar-inspired Sweet Banana Fritters with a generous scoop of vanilla gelato & spicy caramel drizzle

Muar-inspired Sweet Banana Fritters
Anyone from Muar (and there are plenty in Singapore) will tell you it’s difficult to find decent pisang goreng (banana fritters) in Singapore. Joe’s done a pretty good job attempting to replicate the pisang goreng he had in Muar.

We’re likely to be busy this weekend, so it’s best to make a reservation if you’re planning to pop by. Quickest way is to call the shop at 6346-0504 or SMS 9225-7913 to book a good table.