specials: double mushroom potage, chargrilled chicken w mojo sauce, Black Forest Lava Cake

this week’s specials, available from today, all day, and possibly all week or while fresh ingredients last

But first, a video.

Ah, The Bee Gees. They were SO kool. So masculine and so feminine. We rike.

soup of the day: double mushroom potage
Rather ordinary, some might say. We are but ordinary people, leading ordinary lives.
And sometimes a little bit of ordinary solace is what we seek in this mad, greedy world full of mad, greedy people.
double mushroom potage
Anyhoo. Remember to check-in on Foursquare when you visit us and someday a cup of soup-o-the-day may just be yours, on the house.

special main: chargrilled tender chicken breast with spicy mojo sauce
What is in the mojo sauce? Why is it called a mojo sauce? One has to ask the Mo Joe himself:

Le mojo sauce contains le tangy orange, le toasted cumin, le crushed garlic, and le smoked paprika. This combinaison is guaranteed to put le mojo into anything you do ~ cooking, spring-cleaning, eating, drinking, not thinking..

With the wise words of The Mo Joe himself in mind, have the tender chargrilled chicken atop Real Mash™, OR with pasta aglio olio con funghi, OR gently clasped in a lightly-toasted sesame bun.
char-grilled chicken with spicy mojo sauce

Photos only of spicy mojo chicken breast atop Real Mash™. We leave the rest to your imagina-syion.
char-grilled chicken w spicy mojo sauce

dessert special: Black. Forest. Lava. Cake.
‘Nuff said.
Black Forest Lava Cake

Ask to have this with a generous scoop of vanilla gelato to complete the picture.
black forest lava cake

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