specials: onion quinoa bisque, the ULTIMATE B&M, Seafood Tempura Singapura, brûlée butter cake w red wine plum

this week’s specials, available from today, all day, and possibly all week or while fresh ingredients last

soup of the day: onion & quinoa bisque, sprinkled with dill
Had to look this one up. Le Kitchen Slugs like to cook things which Le Drivel Writer no understand. Le dictionary says quinoa (pronounced kin-wa) is “a goosefoot found in the Andes, where it was widely cultivated for its edible starchy seeds before the introduction of Old World grains“.
Two questions:
1) Simi si ‘goosefoot’?
2) Simi si ‘Old World grains’ ?

With a tippy-tap of le keyboard, le dictionary then explained goosefoot is “a plant of temperate regions with divided leaves that are said to resemble the foot of a goose. Some kinds are edible and many are common weeds“.

So there. We’re feeding you weed seeds.
Onion & quinoa bisque

And speaking of dill, we thought this was knee-slapping guffaw-inducing HI-LA-RIOUS

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This week, instead of having a thing to share-share, we are introducing you a new menu item.

Introducing: The ULTIMATE Bangers & Mash
Ultimately, if you’re a Bangers & Mash fan, this would be like, the ultimate fantasy. The B&M to rule all B&Ms.
The ULTIMATE Bangers and Mash

Featuring three studly bangers: German pork bratwurst, chicken chipolata, and spicy Italian pork & beef sausages. Handsomely sat atop Real Mash™, with sautéed onions and wholegrain mustard for merry accompaniment.
The ULTIMATE Bangers and Mash

special main: Seafoodura Tempura Singapura
Beer-battered seafood and beans tempura, with a zingy garlicky taucheo sauce.
Simi si ‘taucheo’? Taucheo si soybean paaaaaste. (you must say this in a very aunty-aunty tone okayyyy)
Seafoodura Tempura Singapura

Use fingers and dip-dip like this for full enjoyment. But if you want to use fork, also can, we won’t judge you.
Seafoodura Tempura Singapura

dessert special: brûlée all-butter cake, with plump red wine poached plums
And a generous scoop of vanilla gelato topped with almond tar to top it all off
Brûlée all-butter cake w red wine poached plum

This is what we call “The Titanic shot”
Brûlée all-butter cake w red wine poached plum

Thank you once again, for reading right till the very end. We are deeply, deeply heartened by your… patience. So here’s a little reward for those of us who prefer quiet days and quiet nights: Should our gentle reader choose to visit our humble li’l diner on a weekday to avoid the weekend crowd, here’s a little Happy Hour special you might enjoy.

See you this weekend, and see you one of these quiet nights too.