One-of-a-kind Customised Cakes

Often we have requests for customised cakes for birthdays and events. Rather than put a huge design on one cake, which eventually gets “destroyed” and cut up into little pieces, we thought, Hey wouldn’t it feel a little more special if each little slice of cake could have its own complete design..?

Enter the party cake of all party cakes – The Garden Slug’s One-of-a-kind Customised Cakes.

What we do is print the design (with edible ink! made of vegetable dye! they’re edible!) on edible icing sheets (they’re edible too!). Be it a corporate event or a private birthday party, send us your design and we’ll give you a cake that’ll really, um, take the cake.

As for the cake itself – everyone knows you can’t go wrong with chocolate. The dark chocolate fudge squares are a big favourite across the board – multi-national companies, non-profits, Hello Kitty aficionados and let’s not forget, even Adam Lambert fans love chocolate. So yeah, ask for the dark chocolate fudge squares.

E-mail us your design and give us at least 5 working days to process your order.


Sweet Treats @ ANZ Bank Opening, Chevron House

chocolate fudge squares w/ monogrammed fridae logos

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3 comments on “One-of-a-kind Customised Cakes
  1. daphnemaia says:

    Hahaha. Hello Kitty and Adam Lambert? 😉

    But Mindy no wants Adam Lambert cakes anymore. Nowadays she’s into MINDY’S CHICKEN PASTA KEIK. hahaha. 

  2. The Hello Kitty one is for an upcoming event. YOU ARE NOT ALOOOOONE!!! >.<

  3. daphnemaia says:



$3 flat delivery fee!

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