Winners of the Lunar New Year Platters mini contest

We want to congratulate Veron Ang for the most accurate translation, and Jasoh Koh for the most, well, for the most “WTF translation”. Also a huge thank you to everyone else who participated in our mini contest – dun be sad, we has more mini contests to come! Actually we already has another one here.

Veron wins a $55 “barbecue platter for three” and Jason wins a $95 “greek salad salmon platter”. Check your inboxes, you’ll be hearing from us soon 🙂

Veron‘s “accurate translation”

Since it was established in 2006, The Garden Slug has amassed a group of loyal followers. With its location near animal hospitals and pet stores, fans include members of the Cat Welfare Society which holds its gatherings here. During the Chinese New Year period from 25 to 29 January, the restaurant is introducing a special menu. Dishes include an original Greek salmon sashimi ($95) and a lunar barbecue platter that serves three ($55). An advance order of 2 days is required.

Jason‘s “WTF translation”

Godly Mouser Year Save 2006Ns, The ship reached and broke into half,dyed to a piece of paper,Standing between the One Round belly Hollow ghost and Sticking out many hairs Hollow Ghost ,The killer fly closes the door for the Garden Slug who is covered in “one” oil,happily put on his clock and SXXX.The SXXX Stand holder man,Tan Zhong,who is hairy hates “fool balls and slides.He said can yay sink zai means that it ate lift half weights.Over at Chan Pavilion,Zai Road one moon 25 right to 29 right farm, new wash N chicken, Zen ,pushes out the turtle bird vegetable soup,to Qi zhong but Qi Zhong only thinks he wants to wear the little candle that forms three words “Meeting one Life” Over at cold lift morning 2 eggs Pavilion ,3 men sleeping at the farm later went ouch and rolled like a pig but most weird are their names “thin”,”happy” and “gold”