We can has much love to share-share this Valentine’s

TGS 2012 VDay 238x198

“Tomatoes are red, they never turn blue
Chilli is hot, and so are you.”

Yours truly penned this original poem and recited it to a very pretty girl some time last year. Said pretty girl rolled her eyes and pushed yours truly away.

If you’re just as witty in crafting food-related pseudo-romantic poetry, well, good for you.

If you’re nowhere near this sort of eyeroll-inducing talent, may we gently suggest you invite your hot date/ best friend(s)/ spouse/ family member(s) to a non-discriminatory Valentine’s dining experience at our humble li’l diner?

At The Garden Slug, we believe Valentine’s Day is for celebrating all kinds of love. Out of benevolence and consideration for all of mankind, we have created two special events: Mingle-Mingle Night on 13 Feb 2012, and Lovey-Dovey Dinner on 14 Feb 2012.

Free-flow Menu for Mingle-Mingle Night, 13 Feb 2012
• Pumpkin, feta & cranberry salad tossed in a strawberry vinaigrette
• Assorted mushroom tart triangles w/ bacon & cilantro pesto
• Sweet potato, red pepper & edamame croquettes served w/ a sesame dressing
• Ginger, honey & cayenne chicken drumlets
• Fusilli in a tomato-cream sauce w/ spinach and Italian (pork) meatballs
• Country Chicken Stew w/ hearty vegetables
• Cilantro & chilli dory (fish) atop tri-coloured roasted potatoes
• Red velvet white chocolate raspberry brownie
• French crepes topped w/ refreshing fruits in a lemon-orange rum glaze
  Book online: Mingle-Mingle Night, 13 Feb 2012

Four-Course Menu for Lovey-Dovey Dinner, 14 Feb 2012
Heartfelt Soup: Roast pumpkin & apple w/ a light marjoram cream drizzle
Passionate Starter: Fresh prawns w/ chilled avocado, cucumber mousse & a tabasco aioli

  Palette Cleanser: Orange & sweet cilantro shooter in a ginger-salt-rimmed shot glass

Choice of “The One” Main each:
  – Australian Ribeye Wine Stroganoff (beef) w/ balsamic onions + sweet potato mash
  – Pan-seared Salmon w/ a tangy strawberry shallot sauce + sweet potato mash
  – Slow-baked Saffron Chicken Ratatouille + warm crusty bread
  – Braised Forest Mushroom Pasta, w/ a light drizzle of basil & truffle cream

Make Sweet Sweet Love Dessert: Red Wine Chocolate Cake w/ a light Earl Grey Cream
  Cheese custard, lovingly paired with port-reduced berries & mint cream
  Book online: Lovey-Dovey Dinner, 14 Feb 2012

And if you’re curious about the story between the pretty girl and yours truly, a year later yours truly receives this in reply:

“Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
I do love the fact
That you are uncool.”

This brings us to only one conclusion: yours truly is clearly the better poet.

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