Hongbaos are like arrows

Hongbaos are like arrows, fruit flies like banan.. No, wait. Um.

Hongbaos are like papercuts, they’re very small but very annoyi…. Ok this isn’t quite the day for analogies. Let’s cut (O look, a pun) to the chase and get seriously factual.

There are only three universal uses for hongbaos:
1) To be origami’d into angelfish/ cranes/ dragonflies/ [_insert plural of any origami-able animal_]

2) To be added to any respectable collector’s collection, subsequently earning said collector a brief appearance on local telly’s latest reality TV series – “Hongbao Hoarders

3) To be used as a socially-acceptable receptacle of nuptial extortion money

Clearly, any person of sound mind and good taste would want nothing more than a delectable set of 8 assorted hongbao designs that very strongly resemble eat-too-much-and-become-heaty local treats. Like bak kwa. Did we just say bak kwa? That’s right. Bak kwa.

Made by a group of young, effervescent, local designers mysteriously named &plentymore. Mysterious because they only make awsum things like, oh, once a year? Meaning these hongbaos are limited edition. Meaning they are available in limited quantities. Meaning we’re really proud to be carrying these hongbaos to make up for not making pineapple tarts this year in support of local artistic & entrepreneurial endeavours.

Delectable Hongbaos

Delectable Hongbaos, delicately wrapped in pink old skool candy wrappers, and available for perusal & purchase at our unassuming Retail Therapy Shelf from today until Saturday 21 Jan 2012.

Delectable Hongbaos

Bak kwa.

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