Stuff That Came In The Post Today (a.k.a. the post-Christmas blog post)

Hurhur. So witty hor our title? We kill ourselves.


Stuff that came in the post today:

1) Some very lovely Christmas cards from our vendors, business associates and most importantly, SLUGPHILES. Out of which, this was unanimously voted as our favourite ^_^
Stuff that came in the mail today

Thank you belly, belly much Athan, Ashton and Autumn. You make us Old Slugs feel… um… old. ‘Coz we’ve been watching you GROW. Le sigh. And thank you Aaron and Alyson for supporting us through the years. It seems like you’ve been watching us grow too. *le sniff*

Stuff that came in the mail today
p/s: Autumn – D’you think you could get us a date with Elmo too…..? HEHE

2) A certificate for our used cooking oil recycling efforts.
Stuff that came in the mail today
We’ve reduced 1267.20 kg of our carbon footprint. 1267.20 kg hor. Dun play-play. We strive to reduce more next year.

Actually it’s a lot more than 1267.20 kg as quite a few of us Slugs cycle to work each day.

Sharon Slug cycles all the way from Siglap. (edit: actually not anymore because the pedal broke and she has yet to fix it since February 2011. This photo is from July 2010. Tsk, liar!)
Sharon Slug's Flying Pigeon

Bonnie Slug cycles all the way from Chai Chee.
Bonnie Slug's ride

Havard Slug cycles ALLLLLLL the way from Whampoa! 45 minutes each way. Now THAT’s a boatload of reduced carbon footprint, yo.
Havard Slug's ride

If you’ve been following us long enough, you’ll notice most of our blog posts are completely pointless and we have an almost pathological tendency to digress. This one is no different.

3) A “life-sized” 3-dimensional s l u g !!!!!!11
"Life-sized" 3D Slug, carved in stone
The details are amazing.

Okay, technically this one didn’t come in the mail. It’s a lovely, generous gift from Victor of Zia Concept. Victor’s shop is just diagonally across the road from us and he’s been our neighbour for five years and counting now. Thanks Victor, we are beyond touched.

We tried to make it look, er, festive.
Our attempt to festive-fy the Slug
We don’t really know what to call “it”. Maybe we should have a naming contest?


The point we’re trying to make here is that we feel loved by y’all and we’re saving the planet. What more could a mere Slug ask for, right? Right.

We would like to wish y’all a Belly Happy Christmas and we’re looking forward to meeting the new year with youse too. We’re throwing youse a party on 4 January 2012, so watch this space for details coming soon.
Good-looking Slugs atcho service yo ^_^
* Good-looking “eat drink don’t think!” t-shirts available for sale at our Retail Therapy Shelf. Sizes XS-XL.
** Good-looking Slugs (ages 17-37) not available for sale, sorry.