The Ultimate Christmas Platter

Version 2011 comes with some Yuletide turkey w mushroom Chardonnay sauce + sausages + grilled ham w crushed apple glaze + cranberry almond greek salad + Real Mash™ by side. This is the portion for 1. (or 2 can share, but WHY SHARE?! ‘TIS NOT THE SEASON FOR SHARING, YO!)
The Ultimate Christmas Platter 2011

The portion for 2-3 comes with all of the above PLUS a salmon & chestnut terrine with fresh, warm bread by side.
The Ultimate Christmas Platter 2011
It’s good for 2-3, but you don’t have to share this either. Just sayin’.

Available for dine-in at our shoppe, all day, everyday, through December 2011.
The Ultimate Christmas Platter 2011

What about non-dine-in guests? There are people who like to tapau things you know.
No por-blem. We also have a simple, good-looking, and somewhat-healthy (just like all of us Slugs.. hurhur!) Christmas Take-home Kit for youse, if you’d like to have the Ultimate Celebration in the comfort of your own home instead.

How it works – very simple.
1) Place your order online.
2) Orders above $385 get free delivery.
3) Or, come pick up your order from our shop – we’ll give you 1 bottle of Sommerton Shiraz Cabernet on the house.
4) Last day for ordering is 20 December 2011.

Hit us up if you need help – (a rather friendly Slug mans the e-mail hotline dunch worry)