Let us do the stuffing, roasting and glazing for you.

If you have yet to see our sexiest Christmas Take-home Kit brochure yet, it’s probably because you have yet to see it.
Christmas 2011 ~ our sexiest marketing ad yet

You also haven’t seen this brochure probably because we have yet to advertise at bus shelters, on taxi doors, the side column of your Facebook page, or a half-page of a non-glossy magazine.

So why haven’t we put out bus ads? No budget lor. Whatever profit we have for the year went into buying a pine tree.
A pine tree and a stone slug
The decorations are mostly gifts from people who took pity on us, Sharon Slug’s mother included, upon seeing a bare pine tree in our shop.

Also, bus ads are impersonal. In true Sluggy style, we prefer to tell you things ourselves, as we’ve been doing for the past five years.

Some of youse may have received a personal, cheery e-mail from Sophia Slug with an attached order form. Like Slugphile Nic here.
We handcraft everything, even our emails ^_^

If you are at our humble li’l shoppe, you may pick up a dead-tree copy or two of our Christmas Take-home Kit order form at our newly set up Retail Therapy Shelf (more on the Retail Therapy Shelf soon.)
Grab your Christmas menu here
Bendy cardboard arrow and artwork by Mishal Slug.

Alternatively, if you’re quite savvy with the usage of this newfangled device called a computer, you may want to peruse the save-the-trees version of our order form.

It gets better and easier every year for you and for us, because we have the Facebook, the Twitter, the Posterous, the Flickr, and the Tumblr (actually we have two of the Tumblrs). We love all those online platforms like we love our bosom buddies.

Speaking of bosoms, if you are the one hosting a cosy Christmas do at your home this year, make sure you carve yourself a sweet piece of turkey breast. Because you deserve it.

The Garden Slug’s Christmas Take-home Kit 2011 ~ pared down, simplified, quieter, but still & always will be, created with only you in our hearts and minds.

The Fine Print:
• Come pick up your order from our shop – we’ll give you 1 bottle of Sommerton Shiraz Cabernet on the house.
• Free delivery for orders of $385 and above.
• Last order for Christmas Take-home Kit is 20 December 2011.