Hemsem Oktober Slugbabies

For the uninitiated, we shall translate our inscrutable slugspeak for you:
hemsem = handsome
oktober = october
slugbabies = young slugs below the age of 25

Slugspeak is so cryptic even Google Translate cannot helpch you. We know this because we tried.
Google Translate cannot translate slugspeak
[click on image to enlarge]

Google thinks it’s German. German??!?! Pfffft.


We celebrated many a Slug birthday this month.

The first Slug birthday was Mathew Slug’s. But because you went to Bangkok without us to celebrate your birthday, dear Mathew boy, you no can has 15 seconds of fame on this here Slug-pimping slug blog. HNG!! Happy birthday nonetheless. *tosses hair*

There was a double celebration for Havard Slug and Ankit Slug.
Ankit & Havard Slug's birthdays
This is neither Havard nor Ankit, by the way. This is Joseph Slug shamelessly hijacking posing with a birthday cake that’s not his. Joe may be hemsem but he is neither a slugbaby nor an October baby. JOE YOU HAVE TO WAIT TILL DECEMBER HOKAY? PATIENNNNNNCE!!!!

The real birthday boys.
Ankit & Havard Slug's birthdays
L-R: Havard Slug & Ankit Slug.

You may not always see Havard Slug, hemsem as he is, because he is one of our Kitchen Slugs and as far as Kitchen Slugs go, they are usually, um, in the kitchen. He may make appearances for his fanbase on special request, though. Kindly submit your requests via telepathy. Thank you.

We also celebrated Shawn Slug’s birthday last week.
Shawn Slug's birthday cake
No shameless cake-hijacking this time ’round.

Happy birthday hemsem Shawn Slug
Legend has it that Shawn Slug ate a record-breaking two plates of fried rice, seven pieces of KFC, two chicken pies, and two pieces of birthday cake. In one sitting.

One cannot help but wonder where all the food goes. We joke that one day Shawn Slug may eat us to the poorhouse. *uncomfortable laughter*
Happy birthday hemsem Shawn Slug

Some of the Young Slugs played a good prank on Shawn Slug on his birthday, but we’ll let you ask Shawn about that personally when you see him 😉 HEHE