Sophia Slug’s eurotrash debut + win tickets to Sing Out Loud Down Memory Lane

Update: We have a winner!

These are the correct answers HEHE

Thank you to the very devoted few who participated. And for those who didn’t (or who have bad hearing), we’ll always have more little contests coming up soon. And they won’t always involve Sophia Slug singing and/or auto-tune donch worry hurhur.

Ohai! We have a pair of tickets to Sing Out Loud Down Memory Lane to give away.

Sing Out Loud Down Memory Lane is the 10th concert by the Singapore Men’s Chorus. The pair of tickets we’re giving away is for Saturday (22/10/2011) @ 8.00pm, comes with a complimentary drink (yez, we are so generous that way.)
SMC tickets

How does one win oneself a pair of these tickets? HEHE. Now, THIS is a true test of how much of a Slugphile you are. And whether you’ve been paying any attention to our weekend specials posts or not. Myehehe *rubs hands in glee*

1) Listen closely to this SUPERAWSUM audio clip of Sophia Slug singing about our weekend specials!
TGS specials tune by Sophia

2) In this song, Sophia Slug names a few items. However, only FIVE are really our previous weekend special dishes. The rest are made up/ don’t exist/ perhaps haven’t been created yet.

3) Name the five items (in the comments box below. Use a real e-mail address, okay?)

4) First person to guess all five items correctly wins the tickets.

5) Closing date: Sunday 16/10/2011 @ 11.59pm.

6) We’ll announce & contact the lucky winner next week 🙂