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Just in case you were thinking we were too lazy (and/or brain-dead) to come up with a proper (and/or witty) title for this blog post. You are absolutely right.

Sekretly, iz an SEO trick. But nevermind that.


Many of youse have asked “Hey it’s been five years now, what are your plans for expansion? Please please please open a branch at Woodlands/ Hougang/ Bukit Timah/ Malaysia/ India/ Siberia…”

If you know any of us at all, you would know we are simple Slugs. You would know we weren’t looking to be billionaires (with great money comes great responsibility and great stress). You would know all we wanted was a comfortable place of our own, where we can serve rustic, hearty fare, and make people happy. You would know how we put our heart (and soul and blood/ sweat/ tears, yes even after all these years. Hey it rhymes!) into our food, our service, our staff selection, our smiles. The idea of branching or franchising, to us simple Slugs, makes us worry about the dilution of our heartfelt-ness in everything we do.
Sharon Slug   Sophia Slug & Joe Slug

It would be silly of us to completely rule it out though (so you Slugphiles in Woodlands/ Hougang/ Siberia etc etc… may still have hope) but for now, we’re putting the idea of ‘branching out’ into our “Someday/Maybe” folder. ((And boy do we love our parentheses today))

Expanding we are, though, just not quite in the direction one might expect. We may not have officially announced it (but, um, I suppose this counts as an official announcement?) but sekretly, in the background, we have been working very hard on our Catering arm.

OK la, it’s not such a big sekret. It’s just that our blog posts haven’t quite caught up with all the events we’ve been catering at. We have been engaged for many a happy house party, corporate event, and product launch. We might blog about the entire process someday (which we find absolutely thrilling #food_nerds_r_us) from menu creation, to logistics & layout planning, and how we draw up all our blueprints on re-used A4 paper.

We cannot have done any of these without our wonderful team of Young Slugs — (just so you know, Old Slugs = Sophia, Joseph and Sharon. Everyone else are Young Slugs, regardless of mortal age.)

Meet some of the newer additions to Team Slug Power: introducing Mishal, Mathew, Havard and Simin.
Adidas x Stella McCartney @ MBS
Grabbing a quick bite before transforming into Professional Butlers at the Adidas x Stella McCartney launch at Marina Bay Sands, 6 October 2011 (which was supposed to be the point of this post. Sorry it took quite a bit of waffling before we got here. Hehe)

Our smart-looking Slug Butlers, er, butler’d around with trays of savouries, sweets, and beverages.

a tray of savoury characters (hehe)
A tray of savoury characters.

Savoury items on butler tray
Another tray of savoury characters.

Sweet items on butler tray
A tray of sweets.

Bersano Conte Baldino Prosecco, Santa Vittorio Still Water, and a TGS-made Refreshing Iced matcha tea with a hint of yuzu citron
Replete with beverages to suit (almost) every taste ~ Bersano Conte Baldino Prosecco, Santa Vittorio Still Water, and a TGS-made refreshing iced matcha tea with a hint of yuzu citron

Mishal Slug looking sweet as the Savoury Butler
Mishal Slug looking sweet as the Savouries Butler

Havard Slug looking hemsem as the Beverage Butler
Havard Slug looking hemsem as the Beverage Butler

And not forgetting our hardworking Kitchen Slugs who slave away in the kitchen, reproducing all the canapés we serve at such wonderful events.

More catering photos and blog posts to come. If you’d like to find out more about what we can do for you re. catering, contact our Director of Food Communication & Design, Sophia Slug at sophia [at] thegardenslug [dot] com . She is quite the friendly, dun worry.

Meanwhile, we update quite the regularly on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Posterous and Flickr. ‘Coz we geeky like that, yo.