Here’s a chance to win some very exclusive, currently-sold-out SIFF 2011 tickets

So… if you’d paid attention to the last blog post, you’d know we have tickets to some very exclusive, currently-sold-out SIFF tickets. We are giving away 4 tickets in total:
2 x tickets to Look At What The Light Did Now
2 x tickets to El Bulli: Cooking In Progress

How might you get your grubby paws on said tickets?

In true TGS style, the topic of the competition will be completely unrelated to the prize tickets.

So… we wanted to be evil and make you guess what we are going to put into these chinese noodle box-esque receptacles.
chinese noodle box-esque receptacle

But then we thought, nah, evil is so not us. ‘Coz in true TGS style, we like to make our competitions easy-peasy.

Also in true TGS style, we like to prattle on quite a bit before we get to the point.

So! Here are two different sticker designs that we came up with for the chinese noodle box-esque receptacles, in which we are putting our pasta creation for the SIFF opening film ‘Red Light Revolution‘.

Sticker A                                                    Sticker B
xìng fú ~ noodle box artwork 1   xìng fú ~ noodle box artwork 2

The idea here is that we are punning on the word (xìng fú ~ meaning happiness/ contentment). The word we are using on stickers A and B is pronounced the same way; and it means contentment in sex/ good sex.

This is to tie in with the movie which is basically a risqué comedy dealing with the sexual mores and sexual liberation in modern day China.

Witty hor? O, we’re so pun-ny and so witty, we kill ourselves.


We’ve already picked one out of the two sticker designs.

So! Here’s what you do!

Simply guess which sticker design we are using for our noodle boxes! EASY PEASY.

1) Type your answer in the comments box below. (Type either “Sticker A” or “Sticker B”.)
2) One answer per person, pleaze.
3) Closing date: Tuesday 13/9/2011 @ 11.59pm (like, today, yo.)
4) Winners will be contacted via e-mail. Please use a real e-mail address so we may contact you, the potential winner of awsum movie tickets, for further personal details. We will get in touch with you before the end of the week.

The first 4 correct guesses with legit e-mail addresses, will win 1 ticket each. And no, you cannot choose which ticket you’re getting. Hurhurrr…

OK – Ready, steady, GO!

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