Keretapi Tanah Melayu

This blog post is dedicated to Charley. Wish you didn’t use a fake e-mail so we could at least make contact.


We wanna thank some Slugphiles for inviting all of us to join you on what must’ve been an awesome last ride out of and back into Singapore on the KTM. Unfortunately/fortunately (depends how you look at it), we need about ten to eleven Slugs to run a single weekend shift these days, so we sent Sophia Slug as a Slug Representative HEHE. ‘Coz it was her off day 😛

Gaggle of aunties hehe @ KTM
Gaggle of aunties @ KTM. L-R: Omma, Sookie Cookie, Sophia Slug, April, Nice Lady.

ktm front

Sophia Slug sez:

“Pretty sad to see it go. I really do hope they are not planning to tear it down. It has some amazing wall murals / paintings from the 1910s.”

ktm wall murals

ktm food aunty
KTM food aunty

ktm ticket
Don’t you love how some recognisable words are spelled in Malay.. like “ekspres” and “sentral”.

OK after this we go relaks one korner. Eh, actually no, kennot anyhow-anyhow relaks la. Got more blog posts to hammer out. Otherwise later people komplen again.

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‘Till the next blog post. Relak ah, brudder.