Rasa Mama Spesial

Inspired by Indomie Rasa Ayam Spesial. This weekend we’re having Rasa Mama Spesial (Special Mama Flavour) for youse. There’s nothing instant about what we make here, but we always make sure it is spesial. That’s a promise. Not just any promise, but a double-triple-promise, k?

I remember back in 19xx, I introduced the Spice Girls to my Mum. To my surprise, instead of frowning and judging them to be the absolute floozies they were trying so hard to be, she said they were pretty cool and she liked them. I told her my favourite was Sporty Spice.

I had this pirated VCD (yes, pirated. Hello, I’m Malaysian!) of one of their concerts, and Mum actually sat through it with me. After which, she told me her favourite song of all was “Mama I Love You” and that they sang it very well.

Now, I happen to think most mothers are highly-trained in the art of guilt-tripping. Although this time, I think Mum actually meant what she said. ‘Coz at that very moment I got a lump in my throat and something happened to my heart. Maybe it broke, maybe it melted, maybe it felt a twinge of guilt. No wait, maybe my angsty teenage heart simply felt something… like… love? But hey, I was seventeen and I wasn’t about to show any emotion, yo. I wanted to hug her but I didn’t. Teenagers. Sigh.


We’ve never talked about this publicly, but without my Mum there would be no TGS. She was our angel investor, and perhaps in a way, our angel. She gave the three of us this opportunity to live our collective dreams. Mum’s visited TGS a grand total of two times in the last four years and I wish she could visit us more.

• • •

This Mothers Day weekend, make a table reservation with us and we’ll give you something we think most mums will like: a Not-Too-Sweet Mango Alphonso, topped with freshly cut & lightly-honeyed strawberries. On the house.
Not-Too-Sweet Mango Alphonso

For reservations, call 6346-0504, or e-mail justask@thegardenslug.com, or SMS 9225-7913, or send us a tweet @thegardenslug.

I was having a sandwich when I was watching this, and around 2:40 I nearly choked ‘coz I was getting that lump in my throat again. Show this to your mama, and if you’re a mama reading this, Happy Mothers Day with big sluggy hugs from all of us here 🙂

We know it’s not easy, and we hope that you’ll always think it was worth it – the day you decided to become a mother.