For Reasons Unknown

It’s weird & wonderful how some of youse come to TGS and only ever have that one dish over and over, time after time, … Like how Mindy only ever has the Buttery Garlic Glaze Chicken Pasta. Like how Hansel only ever has the Meatball Pasta.

We have a little over 80 different dishes but nuuuuuu … die die must have that one and only dish. I know we’re all creatures of habit, but really. It’s like your habits are carved in stone, yo. STONE. We’re not quite sure whether to feel happy or sad about this. Don’t y’all get bored?? But hey, I suppose if being a creature-of-carved-in-stone-habit gets your name/photo on the menu, can’t be all that bad.

Anyhoo. The menu is going through a slight revamp. We’re introducing a couple of new items, and are taking away a few not-so-popular dishes. If they happen to be your favourite(s), we apologise deeply & we might still be able to make it for you if you ask and if we have the right ingredients.

And yes, the All Day BIG Breakfast made it.


Somewhat-new-menu coming your way, 1st May 2011.

3 Replies to “For Reasons Unknown”

  1. I demand for all my favorites.
    Parmesan fish nibbles.
    Chocolate lava cake.
    banoffee tart.
    Nutella tart.
    Mushroom Risotto.
    Bacon-wrapped scallops.

    And… the rest, u shd know cos that’s what u’re supposed to do. Know our preferences. Whether by telepathy or not.

  2. Parmesan Fish Nipples
    Panna Cotta
    Bannoffee Tart
    …Dark Chocolate Tart with Handbeaten Chocolate Mousse
    Coconut Battered Prawns
    Oregano Onion Rings
    Garlic and Onion Tart
    Also please make the vegetarian lagsane a regular on the menu
    Not forgetting..
    Three Cheese Mac and Cheese
    Cauliflower and Cheddar Soup
    Potato Croquettes with Stuff Innit
    The Popiahs (can’t remember what’s innit)
    Fried Chicken Nibblets

    May I also add Eggs Ben, Waffles.. CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM.

    That’s all I can think of now. Get back to you later when I’m more inspired.