What’s your love story — WINNING ENTRY

We got goosebumps and a good chuckle when we read this. See you tonight when you come claim your prize dinner, lovebirds! 🙂

All lives comprise of stories. Chapter by chapter; page after page. Most stories go by unnoticed, and most stories remain untold.

But this is a story that is destined to be forever inscribed in the annals of history. This is a story that deserves to be told. A story of friendship, determination and most importantly; love.

When I got to know her, we were both attached; albeit to the wrong people. I was studying in Australia, and she in Singapore. We knew close to nothing about each other.

Just like Ugly Salmon Cakes stacked upon one another, the odds were stacked against us. Akin to how Juicy Shrimp and Roast Pumpkin made for an unorthodox pairing, we seemed like a deceptively unlikely couple. However, we are great when put together; it was a miraculous case of serendipity.

Like a Semi-thin crust™ and the delicious pizza toppings adorning it, we were inseparable once put together. Similar the role that Asian spices play in a bowl Chunky Asian Seafood Broth, our relationship is characterized by vivacity, verve and vigor.

If there’s one word that would succinctly sum up my feelings for her, it would be “wasuga”.

This begs the question, what’s next? What will be on the next page on our menu of life?

Well, I definitely plan to go on one knee, pop the question, slip on the Calamari Ring, and it won’t be long till we become proud parents of group of little Mushroom Munchkins.

Gary & Agnes

Gary & Agnes

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