Update: Scroll down — Mystery menu revealed + Online booking system available, yo.

You like our attempt at romantic Valentine’s poetry?

Anyhoo, listen here, hotstuff. Here’s an idea: Valentine’s Day is for celebrating all kinds of love. Not just romantic love between lovers.

Families can (and should!) celebrate Valentine’s Day together, same goes for friends. If you are single, why not celebrate V Day with your bestie?

This year we have intimate couple seats and/or group seats available. Booking details will be out in a coupla days (check back here), but meanwhile, here’s some food pr0n to keep your mind off that red hot… er, chilli pepperCLICK HERE, CLICK HERE.

You know what it is that keeps relationships alive? Mystery.

Click on the image below to view our mysterious V Day menu items.
Mysterious V Day Mosaic

Mystery Menu Revealed…!
V Day Menu 2011

Call the shop 6346-0504 or e-mail us at to make a reservation.

NEW → Click here to make your reservation online.

So here we are, tarting ourselves up for you

Lub in a Tub

Here is fact: You is lub us long time, and we is lub you long time. So we is wants to celebrate this – our many many lub for youse.

Lub in a Tub

What has we for youse? We has lub. Lub in a Tub.

Pineapple Tarts, The Garden Slug way

Hand-kneaded, hand-rolled, hand-stirred Pineapple Tarts, The Garden Slug way.

Handmade Pineapple Tarts 2011

And you know what – we’re not selling them this year. Nuh uh. We’re giving them to you.

If you’ve read this far, you must be a hardcore Slugphile. Most people don’t even know this blog exists. Myehehehe

So yah. Come by the shop and ask for a tub of Pineapple Tarts – no shy, really. Just ask! (1 tub per person niah hor… dunch be greedy can.)

We’re making only 20 tubs of lub. So the first lucky (and un-shy) twenty to come by will get ’em. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. Come pick it up before 27th January 2011, hokie doke?


See ya.

Oh wait, that’s 19 tubs of lub, sorreh. We gave one tub away liao, to the one chiobu that never fails to set all our sluggy hearts a-flutter — Mrs Tan a.k.a. “Omma” <3 <3 <3
Kena caught finishing half the tub in one sitting. HEHE
The chiobu who makes our hearts go a-flutter

So, yah.


See ya.