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CHILLI IS HOT, AND SO ARE YOU. Update: Scroll down — Mystery menu revealed + Online booking system available, yo. You like our attempt at romantic Valentine’s poetry? Anyhoo, listen here, hotstuff. Here’s an idea: Valentine’s Day is for celebrating

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So here we are, tarting ourselves up for you

Here is fact: You is lub us long time, and we is lub you long time. So we is wants to celebrate this – our many many lub for youse. What has we for youse? We has lub. Lub in

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Lunar New Year 2011 Operating Hours

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We can has new photos on our walls

The photos are a collaraborative project by a bunch of weirdos who call themselves “Be Trigger Happy”. Think: ageing boyband (sans tight pants), carrying dSLR cameras, instead of microphones. To find out more about said weirdos, click here. See, we

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Studio Gorm’s Flow Kitchen

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$3 flat delivery fee!

Be one of the first to discover the All-Natural Rainbow Cake

Singapore's best-kept secret yet
Singapore's best-kept secret yet

Available for private parties. Complete Catering & Full Bar

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