TGS Fan Night (and our 4th Birthday) 8th December 6.30pm

We promised we’d throw a party if we hit 1,000 “likes” on our Facebook page. We’re now a little over one thousand, so there’s no more excuse. We gotta throw this party man.

Also, we’re turning four 🙂

We opened shop on 8th December 2006. We completely forgot about our 1st birthday. Only Chris Slug, who’s still with us today, remembered and brought a cake to share! The 2nd and 3rd birthdays went by without much fanfare either. We wrote a teary post on how we wouldn’t trade you for a million bucks.

Anyhoo. Party details are all here.

Food & drinks on the house. So chop-chop kalipok RSVP, we’ve only got space for 60-odd slugphiles.

We iz four!
we are 4!

We can has parteh!
We can haz Helium balloons!
(this photo from last year hehe)

We gots a DJ to spin all night! Introducing… the multi-faceted DJ DOM!
The Multi-Faceted DJ DOM!

We be groovin’ all night long. (All night being, er, until 9-ish pm hor. We dun want the residentials to “comprain” about music filling up their lives…) DJ DOM spins an eclectic mix of indiepop, 60’s girl groups, northern soul, French ye’ ye’ and lost pop hits from yesteryear.

DJ DOM is a big Facebook aficionado. We haz proof!

We can has tarot reader! 3-min readings for a donation. All proceeds will go to the Cat Welfare Society, because Cowboy, Pumpkin & Ryoko-chan say so.

We can has caricaturist! Have a 3-min quick sketch or a 6-min slightly more detailed caricature of your awesome self, for a donation. All proceeds will go to PawPledge, also bcoz Cowboy, Pumpkin & Ryoko say so. We iz at the mercy of our kollective kittehs.

Also, we can has DIY Candy Floss machine, helium balloons and turkeyyyyy carved for you on the spot
Mavis' Prize Turkey!

And, we can has live Christmas Tree! It’ll be bare ~~ helpch us decorate it leh. Bring your own little gift of blessing to be hung on our tree. It’s yours, all yours, to decorate this year!
Retro crochet stars made my Sharon Slug's mum :)

There will also be lucky dips & limited edition TGS merchandise to be won.

We hopes to see you on Wednesday. RSVP like NOW, closing date is TODAY. Fewer than 10 spaces left! Kthxbye! See ya!