The Gingerbread Slug

We’re not sure what we want to do with The Gingerbread Slug yet. But it is “life-sized”, according to Joseph Slug!
The Gingerbread Slug

Speaking of which, *gasp* Christmas is in 33 days..! *panics*

Our Christmas Take-Home Kit menu will be ready very, very soon, and will be announced on this here blog. We will be featuring familiar favourites as well as a few new items (like, oh i dunno, maybe a Bombay Masala Herb turkey rub?)

We leave you today with the perennially fashionable, eternally sexy Chage & Aska, singing  (they’re like the East Asian Simon & Garfunkel, no?)

p/s: The official 9-minute music video here, skip to 7:17 for cuteness! <3

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