Re-introducing Mr Pear William and let’s say Hello to a tart named Gulab Rum-mun…

About a month back we posted on Posterous a particularly emo post coz we wuz feeling a bit the emo.

We won’t apologise for the emo-ness (hey everyone’s allowed to get emo every now & then right. Right?) but we will apologise for repeating over here the post on Mr Pear William because we’re lazy um, because it was so kickass awsum artfully written um, because.. okay, fine, we won’t apologise for anything. Not today.


Would you Care to Share a Pear? Re-presenting our Pear William.

Pretty much the same old William. Pear-y nice chap he always was, and still is. Although, he used to be the sort who came to you in pieces due to a bad meth habit. Now that he’s cleaned himself up & pulled himself together, he’s as wholesome as an apple! Or a… pear.

Our attempt at pear poetry:

The New Pear William.
Same saucy-ness
same spice
same ice
but with a whole new air
of a whole pear.

SPECIALS: cream of asparagus, Portobello Om-nom-nomelette, and would you Care to Share a Pear?

And ooh look what we’ve got coming.. a nice long Deepavali weekend! Two years ago we gave you two stove burners (Hur hur, clever neh!)… this year we give you a Gulab Jamun Soufflé Cheese Torte, sprinkled with crushed pistachios & cashew nuts.
Gulab Jamun Soufflé Cheese Torte 4

Drizzled in warm saffroned rrrrum, for that extra rum-pah-pum-pum. We wanted to name it “Gulab Rum-mun”…. geddit? Geddit??


K nvm.

The tart will be available from Thursday (4th November 2010) in limited portions.

We’ll also be celebrating the Festival of Lights with the Brothers Festival Pear Cider, known for its extra festive-ness (7% ABV! Be warned!)
Brothers Festival Pear Cider (7% ABV <-- festival strength!)


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