Crème Brûlée in Oreo dark chocolate tartshell

So we’ll take a short break from all that Sweaty Slug Pr0n and go back to good ol’ food pr0n for a bit.

This week Sophia Slug the dessertmeister ←(not a real word, boys & girls. Don’t start sticking post-its on your screen, hokay….) brings us crème brûlée tart in Oreo dark chocolate tartshell, topped with frosted blueberries + wildberry coulis by side.
crème brûlée in Oreo dark chocolate tartshell

And oh, oh! Guess what?! We got ourselves one of those torch gun thingies to, um… y’know… torch things.

Louise Slug earned herself a new monicker after we saw her torching them babies like there’s no tomorrow.
Louise “Firestarter” Slug in action.
Louise "Firestarter" Slug

You can’t see it here, but there was nothing but pure glee on Little Miss Firestarter’s face as she was torching away this morning… Now we is a leetle beet scared of her. Just a leetle.
Louise "Firestarter" Slug in action

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