Sweaty Slug Pr0n: “The Departure”

OK OK so we’re a little behind on the slug pr0n. We put out a teaser and then we kept quiet for, like, almost three weeks. That’s almost unforgivable. What could we possibly be so busy with, right? Apart from cooking, cleaning, serving, smiling, staffing, scheduling, catering, renovating, innovating, hiring, eating, drinking, don’t thinking… I mean, yah, not like we have a lot to do.

Hokay, cut to the chase. Here’s what happened on our mega-memorable first ever outdoorsy sluggy store outing! All photos taken by our very talented Terry Slug.

In the first of our seven-episode miniseries, we start off with the very exciting departure from mainland Singapore.

Gratuitous shot of Sluggy backsides

Decisions, decisions.

At Changi ferry terminal waiting for the bicycling slugs to arrive

Poser slugs at Changi ferry terminal

Bored slugs at the ferry terminal

L-R: Leo, Chris, Sophia, José, Sharon Slug

José Slug

Sweat Slugs arrive at the ferry terminal

Sweaty Joseph Slug

Sweaty Jian Yun Slug

Random cat waiting at ferry terminal

Legend has it that Joseph Slug has a nice, um, bicycle...

Jian Yun Slug

Jian Yun Slug

In the next episode of Sweaty Slug Pr0n, we’ll be showing “The Boat Ride”. Stay tuned, slugphiles!

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