Sweaty Slug Pr0n: “The Boat Ride”

In the last episode of Sweaty Slug Pr0n… *plays exciting music & flasheslastepisodeveryquickly*

And now, on to “The Boat Ride”. What’s a boat ride if it doesn’t start off with corny jokes.
What's a boat ride if it doesn't start off with corny jokes...

Jian Yun Slug & Michael Slug

Wonder if we could live on Pulau Ubin & boat to work everyday...


Slugs On A Boat

In general we were just chillin’ ‘n’ chattin’ ‘n’ tryin’ not to feelin’ seasickin’…
Just chillin'.... and tryin' not to feelin' seasickin'...

Michael Slug's bicycle
–All photos by Terry Slug–

Comin’ up next: “The Arrival”. Jeng jeng jeng!