We are closed (Wednesday 1/9/2010) for a store outing at Pulau Ubin!

Business as usual from Thursday (2/9/2010) 10.00am

Our Slug Supervisors (José, Louise & Chris) have planned for our first ever “outdoorsy” outing. We’ve had a couple of dinner outings this year, but this will be the first ever in the history of The Garden Slug that we’re going together as a team to a land far, far away… Okay it’s not that far, but don’t bluff, how many of you thought Pulau Ubin is in Malaysia? Hands up!


K nvm.

Where was I? So yeah, we’re going to Pulau Ubin! Some of us have never been there so it’s quite teh exciting. Can you tell we’re excited? Oh look rustic island untouched by shopping malls & HDB flats. We rike!

Photo ©

We might not be able to catch this amazing sunrise (see stolen but credited photo below), but maybe after a day of fun in the sun (and maybe mosquito bites, sore thighs, sexy tan lines and then some…  HEHE) we hope to catch an amazing sunset together.

Photo ©

Honestly have no idea what the Slug Supervisors have planned for us. Will report back after tomorrow!

Meanwhile, um, just to recap…
We are closed all day tomorrow (Wednesday 1/9/2010) for our store outing.
Business as usual from Thursday (2/9/2010) 10.00am.

See ya!