SOE 088 <-- Lucky number neh!

SOE 088

Couple of months ago, a very sweet young lady named Anna Shin from SMU contacted us wanting to do an interview. We agreed, as always, but we were surprised to learn it was for the Spirit of Enterprise nomination thingy.

SOE 088

Firstly, we want to thank Anna & her colleagues for nominating us.

Secondly, Anna – we didn’t get to tell you this: it was one of the best interviews we’ve had the opportunity to be part of. For a young student, you are extremely well-organised & did your job very professionally. We were so impressed! We have no doubt you will go far in whatever career you choose to embark on.

SOE 088

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Now, on to the SOE (Spirit of Enterprise) thingy. There are TWO things about this SOE thingy that made us VERY, VERY happy Slugs:

1. We are number

SOE 088

FWAH!! HUAT HUAT AH!! Can’t get any luckier than that!!

2. The background colour on the SOE website is exactly the same as ours! Instant shallow brownie points oredi.

Hokay. So if you like the number “088” and you like this particular shade of red (at the Nippon paint shop it’s called “Hibiscus”, and in hex code it’s #99000)… vote for us lah!

There are two ways to vote:
1) Online <– Need to register & can vote once (I think.)
2) By SMS: Just type our lucky number – SOE 088 and send to 79000 <– no need to register, can vote many many times HEHE

We’ve littered the entire blog post with giant SOE 088’s, y’know, just in case.
Masters of Subliminal Messaging we are.

SOE 088


p/s: Voting closes 31 August.

The Small Print:
Each SMS vote will cost $0.50. Normal network operator charges apply. SOE Award SMS voting is open to all postpaid Singtel, Starhub and M1 users. -Spirit of Enterprise, Singapore

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  1. Way to go garden slug!
    Three cheers for sponsoring the recent shareURmeal Singapore activity. 🙂 I saw it through SMU's email blastings this week.