Hohoho DINOSAUR Hohoho GODZILLA HoHoHorlicks

HoHoHorlicks Pancakes
photograph © Hansel Tan / hanshoots

Thank you for the lovely photo, Hans. (Yes, it is THE Hansel of “Hansel’s Meatball Pasta” fame and THE same Hansel of “dude in the cow t-shirt” fame.)

We can’t remember how we got to know Hansel now. Well, apparently, it all started with Hansel winning a wagyu burger Haiku contest. To be completely honest, we’d completely forgotten about this if slugphile Bee Kay hadn’t brought it up last week. Bee Kay, apparently, was rather surprised Hansel could write Haiku, much less win a Haiku contest “coz he’s so not the wordsmith sort”. (Note to Bee Kay: Hansel can has hidden talentz, hokay!) Hurhur.

Anyhoo. Before you begin to suspect this post really isn’t going anywhere. You’re right, it isn’t supposed to be about Hansel but we thought we’d give some airtime to the man who consistently orders a meatball pasta . every . single . time . he comes by.

>> Back to regular programming >>

You may or may not know, after much blackmail over Twitter, we’ve finally made pancakes a permanent menu item. You can find it under “All Day Breakfasts” and yez, it iz availablez all-day-long coz generally that’s what All Day meanz. Who’s to say you can’t have pancakes at 2.56pm, right? Right. If anyone judges you, you tell us, we go beat them up.

Where was I? *looks at post title for clues*

Pancakes! We have a different pancake flavour every week. So far we’ve had Nian Gao (Sticky Cake), Pearncakes (Pear Pancakes, geddit? Geddit?) and Azuki Bean.
all day breakfast special: fluffy old-fashioned pancakes w/ s... on Twitpic this week's old fashioned fluffy pancakes: Pear Pancakes w/ c... on Twitpic This week's fluffy old-fashioned pancakes: Azuki bean &a... on Twitpic

This week Joseph Slug (a.k.a. Pancakemeister) brings us… HoHoHoHorlicks Pancakes!

Available in two options:
• DINOSAUR ~ HoHoHorlicks Pancakes + more Horlicks on top
• GODZILLA ~ HoHoHorlicks Pancakes + scoop of Vanilla Gelato + more Horlicks on top

Some good ol’ old skool Ho Ho Ho-ing for the coming week (also for the benefit of those who may not know where all this Ho Ho Ho-ing is coming from…)

7 Replies to “Hohoho DINOSAUR Hohoho GODZILLA HoHoHorlicks”

  1. Sharon Slug, you forgot to mention that the whole pankeik thing started with ?? pankeiks way back in… February or so (must spell it like so in honour of your favourite feline – for now – Kei-chan!). 😛