Ode to Pulled Pork

Has it really been a week since our last weekly special? Ah, how time flies.

Times flies like arrows, fruit flies like bananas.


Jian Yun Slug wrote us an ode to Pulled Pork:

hey ya all.
special specials of porky pig and friends.
its a derivative of the awesome five spiced soy sauce pork u eat at warm dinners with family chatters
and there it sits in the middle of the lazy susan.
evolved into a thick rich spiced tomato with spices of east west and elsewhere.
five spice.
served with pasta.

tender 5-spice pulled pork over linguine
Yep. We can has poetic slugs.

In other news, this weekend we’re bringing back the Dark Chocolate & Nutella in a wildberry tartshell. They kinda sold out by Sunday noon last week & there was much clenching of fists & gnashing of teeth amongst youse. So settle down now, O Hearty Slugphiles. There’s enough for everyone to share this week (or we hope so).

Other weekend specials are sekretly well-hidden here. ‘Coz we don’t want the whole world knowing about them. Just special people like youse, who read all the way till here.

Did you just miss that? That cleverly hidden link? Oh kay, nevermind if you blinked & missed it. We’ll have more sekret links next weekend.

Be safe & have a happy National Day weekend.

Majulah Singapura, negara yang makmur, aman dan sentosa! <– (your national language. don’t bluff say cannot read.)

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