Dear Jinks, We Are Sorry. Love, The Garden Slug

Dear Jinks

We’d like to apologise to you (and to the many quietly suffering readers out there) for our ‘off putting’ behaviour & blatant disregard for the lack of blog posts. *pulls ears & does a thousand squats*

It did cross our minds to write a quick blog post telling everyone how busy we’ve been at the shoppe (thanks to everyone’s awsum support! Everybody say Pizzarrrrrr!!) but we stopped ourselves thinking that might sound like we’re boasting. Boastful behaviour might be off putting too. So we didn’t write that blog post. I mean, we call ourselves a “humble li’l diner” and all…

salami pizzar

Then we thought we might write about how our little shoppe got flooded twice this past month. But we got busy cleaning up the shop to make sure it’s really, um, clean.. so we didn’t get to blog about that either.

But maybe we should have.

We’ve always had this strange idea that nobody reads our drivel blog.

It is obvious to us now, with 4 5 6 comments on the last blog post alone (which is the most number comments we’ve ever gotten on ANY blog post.. honest!) that we are completely wrong. We need to ‘wake up our idea’ and do something about our self-esteem issues.

So, here we’ve dedicated an entire blog post to our public apology. We are very sorry, from the bottom of our sluggy hearts. We know that from the day we decided to have a blog, it is our responsibility to make sure it is updated as often as possible.

Here’s to more drivel & unfunny jokes blog posts from us! Pinky promise!

Meanwhile, Jinks (and other quietly suffering readers out there), if you’re on Facebook – we’re on Facebook too. We update fairly often, about our weekly specials, and sometimes about other people’s cats and dogs and parrots.

Also, if you’re on Twitter – we’re on Twitter too. We update there quite often, like two or three times a day? We post photos of food, goings-on in the shop, daily specials, who’s on shift, and generally have all kinds of conversations with other ‘Twitterers’.
The Garden Slug on Twitter

Thank you for caring, Jinks, and for giving us a good wake up call. Let’s keep this conversation going, k?

Lots of Love,
The Garden Slug

5 Replies to “Dear Jinks, We Are Sorry. Love, The Garden Slug”

  1. Good one, Sharon! (holds nothing against you, by the way, it's hard to upkeep a blog.)

    And yes, we do read your blog. Please believe that. Come on, we want food pron!

  2. I think Isman meant 'food porn' not food 'apron' 🙂
    But as I have mentioned (on the soapbox on FB) Food comes first, social media 2nd. You're “crazy” (I meant active) on twitter and Facebook as it is.
    I am sure the blog can live in isolation for awhile when one has time to contemplate and have something meaning to say (in a longer form) Keep up the good work all the same. Been sending friends your way and have had no complaints from them.

  3. I haven't had the honour of trying the food here, but from the raving reviews I've read about (which brought me here) and the really rather funny blog posts, I hope I'll be able to soon.