9 Replies to “Does anyone still collect stamps anymore?”

  1. Hi TheGardenSlug! Got here through Daryl's post on his recommended 20 blogs. I don't collect stamps, but I always have quite a good time choosing stamps for my customers' packages before shipping. Sometimes the post office doesn't give very interesting ones though– but the two you've featured here are really pretty!

  2. Do you ever update your web site? One month on, and still a post on stamps is the first thing I see when I look at the web site of a food joint???? Quite off putting….

  3. I used too~

    still remember soaking e corner cut outs from relatives in hot water to dislodge e stamp frm e envelope!! Den muz wait for it to dry before putting it into e stamp book with many plastic strips*

    sadly, many companies use an inked stamp (chop) / pre-paid envelopes nw…