The Garden Slug goes Kiwi

Tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou! (Grrrreetings!) And Kia Ora from our humble little shoppe. Do you still remember we have a blog? Coz we almost forgot we had one.

May was a crazy month. Crazy and fast. Like a homeless man on a stolen moped.

We weren’t quite done with May yet and now it’s gone, GONE! Whoever said “May, she will stay” was lying. Lying through their teeth. (I’m looking at you, Mr Simon & Mr Garfunkel.)

O weren’t they nerdy-hawt in their heyday? *wistful sigh*

Anyhoo. 17 May was a very special day because
1) It’s the National Day of Norway! (I have a fascination with all things Norwegian. Don’t ask.)
2) It’s Enya’s burfday (you don’t have to admit to it but WE KNOW YOU LISTEN TO ENYA TOO!)
3) It wuz mah burfday

And most importantly,
4) The Garden Slug provided VIP & VVIP food service for ANZ Bank’s Singapore branch opening at Chevron House. (btw, I had my first very own not-linked-to-my-parents bank account with ANZ way back when I was a scarfie living in Dunedin, so looking at the logo makes me smile)

O, you should’ve seen our Young Slugs. So dapper in their long-sleeved white shirts & ironed black slacks. We were so busy we forgot to take photos, so no Young Slug pr0n for you I’m afraid. But we do have a bit of food pr0n, albeit hastily taken.

ANZ new logo 2010.jpg ANZ Bank's new branch at Chevron House
Ze Lounge @ ANZ Bank Chevron House, Singapore Sweet Treats @ ANZ Bank Opening, Chevron House

The folks at ANZ were a charming lot. We loved how they did a rousing Maori cheer to get the event rolling. Pity there weren’t any virile young men in grass skirts doing the Haka. (Oh well, there’s always YouTube, ey mate? HEHE)

Photo by Sophia Ms-Occasionally-Shaky-Hands Slug.
One Pop Easy Eats
L: Japanese Cucumber Hollows stuffed w/ Smoked Salmon & topped w/ cream cheese, chives + fresh cracked black pepper
R: Pumpernickel topped w/ cheddar and sundried tomatoes

Photos by Sophia I-Love-To-Flash Slug.
Chi-Chi Cocktail Food
Left: Sweet shrimp w/ wine-cured fruit w/ rosemary & carrot
Top: Skewers of Buttermilk chicken breast speared w/ tri-coloured antipasto
Bottom: Roast Beef strips atop green frizzy leaves drizzled w/ an exotic lemongrass & olive oil dressing

Marinated Sweet Cherry Tomatoes w/ Greek Feta & stuffed Italian olives in little shot glasses
Marinated Sweet Cherry Tomatoes w/ Greek Feta & stuffed Italian olives in little shot glasses

Chocolate Fudge Squares, Double Chocolate Brownies on Sticks, Strawberry Mousse Squares w/ Chocolate Sprig
Top: Rich Fudge Chocolate Squares topped w/ cocoa & mint, emblazoned with ANZ logo
Middle: TGS Signature Brownie Popsicles coated w/ semi-sweet french chocolate & served on ice-cream stick for extra visuals
Bottom: Strawberry Mousse Square topped w/ a chocolate sprig

We’d like to thank event manager Justin of Embrya Productions, for orchestrating a flawless event for all the parties involved.

Aroha nui (all our love) <3