Demystifying the dSLR

Learn How to Shoot Like the Pros. And by Pros we mean Professionals. But you knew that.

Hansel Tan (Shooting like the Pros - basics of dSLR)

Hansel Tan (yep, the dude pictured above with a cow on his t-shirt) is a veteran tutor, self-taught photography enthusiast & fellow slugphile. If you bump into him here at TGS (or anywhere for that matter), just say “Hi” and ask about photography stuff hokay? — [[don’t say “Hey aren’t you that dude in the cow t-shirt?”]]

Anyway. He will most happily discuss bodies & lenses with you over a meatball pasta. <– We’ve named the pasta after him. True story.

But there’s only so much photography knowledge one can impart over a meatball pasta, right? Right.

So. If you have a dSLR & have always wondered what those fiddly buttons & settings are for — Hansel is conducting two runs of “Shooting like the Pros – basics of dSLR photography” right here at The Garden Slug.

Hansel takes a systematic, perhaps almost scientific, approach in learning the fundamentals of photography.

Classes will be over 4 hours (2 hours weekday + 2 hours weekend) and there will be 2 runs of the class.

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Shooting Like the Pros! – Basics of dSLR Photography
Venue: The Garden Slug
15 November (Mon) 7-9pm || 20 November (Sat) 3-5pm

Cost: $90
Light refreshments provided by TGS.

Registration: E-mail to sign up.

For further enquiries, contact Hansel directly via e-mail, mobile 9616-6629, Twitter and/or Flickr.

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