help José Slug reach the next level of Samurai Sluggery

This is José (pronounced ho-say) our Operations Supervisor, a.k.a. Handsome José, a.k.a. Mr Muscles.
José red wall

José’s been with us for over a year now. He is soft-spoken, well-mannered and very diligent. And did we say hemsem?
José by Dennis Chong

Before becoming a Slug, José used to be crew on a cruise ship. He likes photography. And animals. And long walks on the beach.
Cowboy by Jose.jpg
Bird in flight by Jose.jpg

Truth be told, hemsem or not, animal-lover or not, we hired him because of his muscles alone, shallow little Slugs that we are.
Mr Muscles

José resolved to diminish our shallowness. “I’m not just all-muscle-no-talent you know!” he proclaimed (we’re totally making up this bit). Slowly but surely, José showed us how much he loved to flambé. (we’re not making up this bit)

At home.
Flambé King

At work.

José can flambé all day.

One day we said, “Hokay José, we know you’re good with the flambé. We’re sorry for being such sorry little shallow little Slugs. But now you gotta show us something more. Can you make pretty little desserts?
(This is where the “next level of Samurai Sluggery” bit comes in, as per the title of this where-is-all-of-this-leading-to post).

Being a muscle-y gentleman of good upbringing, he took up the challenge.
Working hard or hardly working?

Not only did José bury himself in dessert-y research, he made sure it looked good, tasted good (we all endured enjoyed quite a few rounds of “taste tests” – perks of our job!) and that the entire process is transferable to other Kitchen Slugs. We guided him on the costing and marketing aspects (shameless advertising: if you’re considering a career with us, we will impart you all our secret Kung Fu Sluggery too! After you complete the prerequisite two-month training regime, of course).

On top of everything else, José even took it upon himself to make his own food pr0n.

And so, we present the result of José’s hard work: *jeng jeng* the Apple Cranberry Streusel.
Apple Cranberry Streusel

We’ll be featuring the apple cranberry streusel as one of our dessert specials for a month.

At the end of April, we will be measuring the success of José’s creation.
Among other things, we will be taking your feedback into consideration.
help José Slug

If José’s Apple Cranberry Streusel does well, two things will happen:
• we will make it a permanent item on the menu, and
• we will make it a permanent item on the menu.
(actually José gets a little reward but we’re not allowed to talk about it here).

It is made of 15 secret ingredients. Guess ’em all correctly & you could win yourself a pair of Apple Cranberry Streusels, each comes with a humongous dollop of vanilla gelato. Just like that, no catch.

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