Are you a Little Slug? No, wait…

… are you a Little Birthday Slug?

Come celebrate your birthday with us, we’ll give you a Little Slug t-shirt. Our little gift to you 🙂

It’s made of 100% fully-combed cotton. Which means it’s cooling & won’t make you itchy.

We’ve made these in many, many sizes. There will be one to fit you just nice..
whether you are tall, or small
Li'l Slugphiles in Li'l Slug Tees

Wear it the ‘normal’ way like Cynthia. Or wear it back-to-front like Edwin… “because I want to show you the words without turning my back to you.”
Li'l Slugphiles in Li'l Slug Tees

Gratuitous Disclaimer:
Little Slug Tees are only for children aged 12 and below, who celebrate their birthdays at The Garden Slug.