The day we hung up our aprons

Sans lucky draws & door gifts, this is how we celebrate our annual D&D (dinner & drink – no dance!)

Rule #1: A well-stocked fridge of alcohol thirst-quenching beverages is a must.
Before the partay - well stocked we must say!

Jian Yun made a très chic starter of rock melon wrapped w/ parma ham
Jian Yun's melon w/ parma ham

Wei Yang made an awesome egg-drop soup. You will be seeing this as a Soup of the Day soon (we put a gun to his head & demanded it!)
Wei Yang's delicious soup!

Sophia made butter raisin brown rice
Sophia's butter raisin brown rice

…and chicken curry
Sophia's chicken curry

Sharon made sambal prawns w/ french beans
Sharon's Sambal Prawns w/ French Beans

Jian Yun made his version of a tofu & roasted vege piquant
Jian Yun's version of tofu piquant

Joe brought pizza
Joe's pizzas

Shaun brought pie
Shaun's Pie

Leo made some incredibly well-battered, crunchy chicken wings
Leo's Chicken Wings

Jian Yun made roasted potatoes in sweet garlic & rosemary olive oil
Jian Yun's roasted potatoes in garlic & rosemary olive oil

Joe’s super spicy pizza
Joe's super spicy pizza

And now, time for dessert! But before that, let’s cut to a short commercial break, brought to you by The Garden Slug LLP.

So there was this discussion about a shop selling very good popiah skin just down the road from Sophia’s place at Joo Chiat. Did I say discussion? I meant semi-drunk slug speak.
Leo: Ya I always buy from there. It’s very good, but very expensive, very expensive!
Joe: How much?
Leo: Very expensive, verrrry expensive…
Joe: How much?
Leo: It’s very good, I always buy from there. But I tell you, it’s very expensive! You can sit there & eat, very expensive!
Joe: How much?

and this goes on in a never-ending loop for about 2 minutes.

OK dessert time.

José made a delightful Graham Cake, topped w/ condensed milk & strawberries
Jose's Graham Cake

Alex brought traditional Indonesian cakes
Alex's traditional Indonesian cakes

Kenny brought more cakes (our slugs really like having their cakes, and they eat them too!)
Kenny's desserts

Michael brought donuts
Michael's donuts

And after we wiped out the alcohol thirst-quenching beverages…
After the partay. Drinking champion = Leo!!!

… this is the kind of conversation that ensues

Sharon: Heard that Eng’s wonton mee at Dunman Food Centre is very good…
Joe: Oh, Eng Seng ah… Eng Seng is craB!
Sophia: No ah, Eng’s not craP! They are pretty good!
Joe: It’s craB! Eng Seng is craB…
Sophia: No ah, not craP! it’s good.
Joe: It’s craB.

This, too, goes on in a never-ending loop for another 2 minutes

Sharon: Guys, I’m talking about Eng’s, not Eng Seng. They sell wonton noodles…
Joe: Oh, Eng’s har.
Sophia: Yaaa, Eng’s wonton mee, at Dunman Food Centre.
Joe: Oh-khay. But Eng Seng is crab…


At one point, all our boys fell silent & were watching TV macam so full of concentration. We thought, okay, is it football or perhaps a sizzling scene on James Bond or what. Sekali ah… they were watching Asian Food Channel.

Food nerdz r us.
Slug Powerrrrrrr!!
L-R: Michael, Shaun, Alex, Joseph, Wei Yang, Jian Yun, Sophia, Kenny, Leo, José Mari, Sharon

Wait, did I say we wiped out the drinks? Actually Leo single-handedly wiped out most of the booze thirst-quenching beverages. Amazingly, he was still very lucid till the very end. LEO YOU THE CHAMPION!
After the partay. Drinking champion = Leo!!!

Some of us are having yesterday’s leftovers for lunch today (curry always tastes better the next day). And people who run restaurants have really small home fridges. It’s a fact. Yep.
Next day fridge after Slug Power party 2010

We’re a humble li’l diner made up of a hardworking li’l team. We’re not a large corporate type of place. I think we kinda like it that way.