We’re closed on 1 Feb Monday for our “Company Function” !

Finally! The slugs get to hang up their aprons and get together for their annual Dinner & Dance. This is incredibly belated as we were toooo busy with Turkey TV in Decemeber. So, all the slugs will trot to Sophia slug’s humble new abode for a pot luck session and meet her food-named pets. (Pancat the feline superstar and Peanut the Samseng cocker)

We will keep you posted on what each slug brought. Let’s hope we don’t end up with 12 tubs of agar-agar. Or 12 bags of nacho chips! ha… 🙂 ** To Joe slug- you are not allowed to bring Pineapple tarts **

So, see you on 2 Feb Tuesday 6pm back at the shop. Rest of the week : sluggin’ it out as usual! See ye~