Why 100% handmade?

Why no preservatives? Why no artificial colouring?

‘cuz that’s just how we roll… we roll the dough with our rolling, rolling pin.

And that’s how we roll… we roll the super-sticky hand-grated pineapples into little heart shapes, painstakingly & carefully sitting them atop the heart-shaped almond meal crusts.

Impress the significant other and the in-laws (and some out-laws) by being clever — with heart-shaped pineapple tarts.

Why not, right? This way you wouldn’t have to choose between Chinese New Year and Valentine’s.

The significant other will be pleased. The relos will be pleased. You will be hailed the Golden Child of the year. Hurrah!

One (heart) shape, two tub sizes, two exciting flavours.

Original Hearty Tarts: hand-grated pineapples, top-grade high protein flour, almond meal, sugar, butter, eggs, salt.
Small tub $28 / Large tub $39
Original Hearty Tarts Small Tub

Rum Hearty Tarts: same ingredients as Original, but with lots of rrrrrruummmmmm, for that little extra sumthin’ sumthin’ ya know wha’ I mean? *nudge nudge* šŸ˜‰
Small tub $39 / Large tub $49
Rum Hearty Tarts Large Tub

We bake ’em fresh just before you come collect them. So pre-order at least three days in advance, can?

By phone: 6346-0504
By phone/SMS: Sophia 8138-7539 | Joseph 9006-4163 | Sharon 9225-7913
By e-mail: justask@thegardenslug.com
By internets: Order Online at http://thegardenslug.com/heartytarts

We’re all sold out! Thank you so much for your kind support & spreading the lurve. We loves you many many!

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