A Sluggy Christmas Story

Gosh, this blog post is oh-so-belated….  Remember our Xmas Kits 2009? ( I know, I know..that was sooo last year.. haha) The kitchen slugs were working close to 20 hours per day watching Turkey TV and stirring stew pots…So, imagine how touched we were when 4 slug fans friends actually came with gifts of love to thank us for our effort. We’re truly floored!

First, Nicholinabrought her dad’s famous roast pork! And gave us Royce Champagne chocolates on Boxing Day… She obviously found our weak spot(s)!

Nicholina's Dad's Famous Pork Roast!
Royce Chocolates from Nicholina!

And then, Yvonne came with MANY Xmas stockings of Yuletide sweets 🙂 [thanks for the pics, Kenny!]

Santa Yvonne came bearing gifts of socks!
Xmas Socks from Yvonne

As if that isn”t enough big love, Good ol’ Nicholas and Clare came to cook us Wagyu steaks for dinner!!! Those steaks were delish! I’m sure Sharon slug will second that opinion. Sorry Nick & Clare, that I was running all over the store with steak in my mouth.. Haha.. :-0

Nicholas getting ready to WAGA-WAGA-WAGYUUUU!!
Nicholas' melt-in-your-mouth air-flown Wagyu

Thank You everybody for making us feel like we have made a teeny tiny difference to your holidays. You sure did make a difference to OURS ! May 2010 be a fabulous year for everybody 🙂