Give me those Krispy Kremes!!

Last night at The Garden Slug… Shaun slug walks into the kitchen with a box of Krispy Kreme donuts.  Seeing the familiar polka-dotted box, Joe and Sophia let out a collective 100 decibel , ” WAHHHHHHHHH!!! ” In response to that, Shaun said, ” Nicholina left this for Sharon, I’ll keep it in the chiller for her..”  Joe and Sophia then let out a collective sigh, ” Ohhhhhhhhhh…” But we’re meeting Sharon Slug this afternoon to do the R&D for the new Hearty Pineapple Tarts..  Hehe, will convince Sharon Slug to share her donut stash. :-0  Thank You Nicholina for lugging these precious babies all the way from K.L. !

4 Replies to “Give me those Krispy Kremes!!”

  1. Latest Krispy Kreme update. The scores are in: Sharon: half , Joe: zero, Sophia: half. Looks like we 're not really cut out for such a massive sugar rush..
    We're all pineapple-tarted out from the R&D. But they're yummy, so cannot help it, we over-indulged! *burp

  2. Hey Nic! Yeah, when we went to work at 4pm today, half of the box was already mysteriously gone!! In fact, there was a half-eaten donut in there…. tsk tsk tsk. I had a quarter of the Original glazed one and a a quarter of the Strawberry one :-0 yums!!

  3. I knew I should've salted the box to keep the other slugs from 'em. Hahaha. Well, as long as you all got a taste… that's good enough. Besides, KL is just… a short flight away. :p