Our new Xmas Tree! ( of the edible variety)

The Brownie Tree

Have fun “dismantling” our Brownie Xmas Tree ! First, We start by “glue-ing” a bunch of double chocolate brownie popsicles with lots of melted semi-sweet french chocolate…

The Brownie Tree

Then , we sprinkle some plump sun-dried cranberries for colour and texture.

The Brownie Tree in a tub

Finally, we enshrine the Xmas  Brownie Tree in a cute little take home tub!

Yes, beauty comes in all sizes!

$38 ( for 4-6 guests) $55 (7-9 guests) and $68 ( 10-12 guests) ~ all prices are NETT. no gst/no cess/ no mysterious pesky charges.

So, eat up!