We have no love for Red Tape!


Allow me to relate something that happened just yesterday.

Customer: Hey, u guys gotta help me, man! I ordered canapes  from [deleted] and guess what , last minute , I found out that they did not process my order! My wine party is at 9pm. And its already 6pm now! I’ve got 30 guests coming! OMG   Sophia slug: There’s still some time left, they should be able to do it? Customer: They can’t as they need instructions from their Head Office as they need my work order. Sophia slug : Ok! We’ll be happy to whip something up for u! We’ll see you in an hr!

So, immediately we whipped out an impromptu menu for him at 620pm and he came to pick the canapes up at 715pm 🙂 With speedy fingers and Astair-esque feet, Michael slug & Jian Yun completed this in 55 minutes flat to feed 30 hungry souls: ( while cooking for the in-house diners)

  • Feta cheese, stuffed olive and grape on skewers
  • Romaine salad cup with Grilled Ribeye, topped with a dash of exotic Lemongrass dressing
  • Carrot discs topped with smoked Salmon, chopped olives and fresh herbs
  • Miniature Brownie popsicles
  • Mango Alphonso cubes topped with sweetened Longans

What we learnt from this episode is that Red Tape sucks! (Trust me, we have experienced this first hand from the “higher authorities”… )Therefore, our mantra at the slug  is always, “ Service from the Heart“. And our hearts are not governed by a 70 page operations manual ! We don’t have a “HQ ” to ask for ” approval” from, a mysterious “Dept Mgr” to get a Yes/No from. Basically, if we can do it, you bet we will do it for you!  As simple as that 🙂

3 Replies to “We have no love for Red Tape!”

  1. What can I say, nothing warms my heart more than knowing people in business, like you, who cares enough to make others smile. In its essence, there will always be a human side to the ritual of exchanging goods and money. You showed that it is very much alive!

    Have a great Sunday and we'll drop by soon 🙂