The winner of the Little Slug’s Xmas 2009 Look is…

Picture 1I’s want to thankyous so very the much for taking time to design me so many many fantabulous Xmas costumes! I loves them all!

I’s had hard time choosing. But finally the sluggardy slugs helpched me narrow down to three & asked youse to helps choose by voting.

Then SO MANY SO MANY votes came in!

So we had no choice but to use the world’s most accurate tallying system.
world's most accurate vote tallying system

And then…. moving at slug speed, after two whole days, dun dun dun! We found a winner!

Should I tell youse now or should I continue with the suspense?

Ok we’ll continue with the suspense. Mwahahaha…

See where that question mark is in this little sneak peek?
That’s where my new Xmas 2009 Look will be placed.
2009 xmas take-home kit sneak peek

I’s already done all the photoshoots yesterday & today. And I is totally exhausted. Like, totally.


When the sluggardy slugs get around to putting up the Xmas Menu here, that’s when you’ll know who won.

And oh, the prize? I gots away with the biggest kitchen heist of all times!
Now I can reward the winner with A Xmas Take-home Party Kit to feed 4-6pax (worth $360)! I is Slug Thief Extraordinaire! Catch Me If You Can!! Ahhahaha…

So hurry sluggardy slugs! Announce the winner already! The peoples are a-waitinggg!