Little Slug needs new clothes

I needs a new look for next month. You knows what next month is, right?

C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S. Yesh, that time of the year. Jingle, jingle.

That’s mean there gonna be photoshoots galore. I’s have to smile & pose with every turkey & fruitcake & whatnot that these jokers in the shop cooks up.


U still with me?

I needs a new costume. Last year they put me in this:
Santa Slug_small2.jpg

That’s so… 2008. U know?

OK, so help me out plz. The winning look/design will be handsomely rewarded with whatever I can steal from the kitchen.

Depends on how nimble I be, I can maybe get away with either:

1) A brownie popsicle Xmas Tree (worth $80) <– ya, it’s a xmas tree that’s made entirely out of brownie popsicles!


2) A tender oven-baked Turkey + A brownie popsicle Xmas Tree (worth $135 + $80)


3) A Xmas Take-home Party Kit to feed 4-6pax (worth $360)

How? Can helps or not?

Here’s my best portfolio photo, full-frontal in artistic black & white.
You can use this. [click on image to enlarge]
slug in bnw TM.jpg

You can colour-colour, or use computer, or whatever it is u’re comfortable with.

You can get your two-year-old, your pet tortoise or your graphic designer BFF to do it for you also can, we won’t discriminate. Just, nothing lewd, hokay?

I’m everywhere. Send your new Xmas 2009 look for me to any one of the following:
a) E-mail:

b) Upload to my Facebook “wall”

c) Upload anywhere & bring it to my attention by tweeting @thegardenslug on Twitter

d) Upload anywhere & tell me the link in the comments section below.

Send it to me by 24th November 2009, can? Becoz next day got photoshoot. I need to be fabulous.

In the famous words of Tim Gunn, “Make it work!”


the small print:

All submissions remain the property of The Garden Slug LLP, and can and may be used in future projects, advertising & promotional material.

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