The Winners of the Veggie Burger contest are…

We posted a mini contest on Twitter & Facebook, to see who could correctly list all the ingredients in this 4-second video.

No one got all 12 items right (does the green stuff really look like kai lan?? LOL!), so we assigned points to each correct answer. We tallied the results, and the winners are… *drumroll*

Prize Winner !!! Twitter Veggie Burger Contest

Congratulations Nic – you’re the winner of our Sloppy Portobello Veggie Burger contest on Twitter! 🙂

You get TWO Sloppy Portobello Veggie Burgers on da house, so bring a friend or eat ’em both – we won’t judge you!

And congratulations Wan Ting – you’re the winner of the Facebook contest! TWO of our new burgers are coming your way too!

Prize Winner !!! Facebook Veggie Burger Contest

And we decided to give Crystal a special prize – we’re giving you ONE Veggie Burger. Because you’re twelve types of awesome too!

Mini Prize Winner - Facebook Veggie Burger Contest

We’ll be sending you a message with your e-vouchers soon, so look out for it!

Next up – what exactly is this Sloppy Portobello Veggie Burger and what’s it made of? Stay tuned!